• My heroes are the founders of the Children’s Alopecia Project.  Their names are Jeff and Betsy Woytovich.  When their daughter Maddie was 5 years old she developed Alopecia.  Alopecia is an autoimmune disea IMG_7681 se that causes you to lose your hair.  Maddie’s parents could not find a support group for children who lost their hair because of Alopecia.  They started the Children’s Alopecia IMG_7830 Project (CAP).   It brings together children who have Alopecia and their families.  The goals of CAP are to raise awareness about Alopecia, to provide support to families living with Alopecia, and to build self esteem.  CAP has events all over the country and they provide information to families, schools, and communities about Alopecia. Mr. Jeff, Miss Betsy, and Maddie are my heroes because I got Alopecia when I was four years old.  My doctor told us about CAP and we started going to their events.   I met many friends that have Alopecia and we still spend time together.  Because of CAP, I found out that many other children have Alopecia and that it is okay.  Maddie is a strong girl and a good role model.  She doesn’t let not having hair affect her life.  She likes to spend time with the younger children, making them feel special. One summer I even went to CAP Camp in the Poconos.  We went to a campground and stayed for a long weekend.  Many CAP families from all over the world came!  I got to sleep in a cabin with some of my best friends and we had lots of fun.  We painted, met an Olympic gold medalist (Staciana Stitts), had bon fires, went swimming, played games, and met lots of new friends.  Without CAP, I would not have known many other people who have or had Alopecia. Kayla D'Eletto, 8  IMG_7836
    My Heroes ,
  • 2013 Mia in her classroom IMG_1776 (3)Thank you for sending Mia, a student in my classroom, books, tattoos, and pamphlets.  My 3rd graders are becoming experts in distinguishing between the varying types of alopecia.  We have an "Alopecia Box" in our classroom where we house the materials and continue to add to it as we find more information.  I recently placed a picture of a Detroit Piston basketball player in it and his mini biography.  He has the universalis variety. We also have one side of the box where students write compliments to Mia- mostly about her pretty scarves, attitude, or materials as well as an opportunity for her classmates to ask her questions.  I just ordered a polo shirt from your site to wear on "Read a Shirt Day" during March is reading month.  I think Mia will love seeing me in it! I plan on surprising her!  I know she is looking forward to attending camp this summer. What a great opportunity! Thank you for all you do! Sincerely, Molly Crankshaw 3rd Grade teacher Burns Park Elementary School Ann Arbor, MI
    Thank you for all you do for my student!,
  • Tonight, my son Luke was telling Grandma (who is visiting) about what it was like to go to Alopeciapalooza: "Before I went, I felt like I was the only kid in the world with Alopecia.  But now I know that I'm not. " Thanks CAP!
      ~ Natalie Tritz Fowler, Brussels, Belgium
    "I am not the only kid in the world with alopecia",
  • photo (25)The books and pamphlets arrived. Alexana was so excited to see them…she especially loved that they were dedicated to her. I wasn’t sure how she would feel about me bringing them to school…she doesn’t always like attention brought on her unless she initiates it. However, she was very glad that they were going to be in her school library. Alexana never tells me that anyone says anything about her hair…in fact according to her there are no bullies at her school (which as a teacher I know is not true). When composing a thank you letter to you and your family she added that she was glad that when children stared at her…that they now had books to explain why her hair looks different. It is the first time she ever openly told me that she notices that children/people stare. I’m so grateful for the books and for my daughter to be part of such a wonderful group that allows her to love herself just the way she is. As a parent I know you know how much that means to me. Thank you again for all that you do and all the people you touch.   Sincerely, Eve Deitz
    I’m so grateful for the books and for my daughter to be part of such a wonderful group...,
  • OMG thank you SOOOO much! Mia absolutely loved the books. It did stir up some emotions and her fears of getting teased, but it was OK to say the words out loud.She was absolutely tickled with the "donated by CAP in honor of Mia" label on the inside and by the other material you sent. She is tattooed with many an alopeciapalooza tattoo and so is her best friend. She actually used her tattoo as a way to tell one of her newer friends at gymnastics that she has alopecia. She didn't need to share it but I think it made her feel good to "practice" doing it.We brought the books and material to her classroom last week. Her teacher (who is wonderful by the way) read Mookie the Monkey on Tuesday, Its Okay to be Different on Wednesday, and I read both Hairietta Hairison and The Girl with No Hair to the classroom on Friday. The kids were very receptive, attentive and sweet. Mia showed a box that she and a friend had made together (at the suggestion of the teacher) to keep the books and any alopecia related material that Mia wants to keep there or other kids find. The book has a spot for "compliments", one for "questions" and one for "concerns" (as they have in their 3rd grade classroom). Mia's teacher wrote her a nice "compliment" and Mia has received MANY questions from her friends and classmates through the box. She is extremely happy that they have questions and that she can answer. It is very cute. I had also sent a letter to parents to tell them about alopecia and explain that the subject was being brought up in the classroom. I got some very positive feedback from some of the parents. Most say their kids thought Mia was wearing a bandanna because it was cool :0). it was good to have done this when Mia is well known and liked by her classmates so whatever she has, they already know who she is and that it doesn't change how she is. Anyway, thanks again so much. We are all feeling so much better and we are looking forward to meeting you all at camp next summer!
    CAP Mia-1 CAP Mia-2
    ~ Isabelle, Ann Arbor, MI
    Thank you for the books and tattoos,