[testimonial_slider][testimonial title=”Testimonial” id=”1399204316-1-0″ name=” Kayla D’Eletto, 8 ” quote=”My heroes are the founders of the Children’s Alopecia Project. Their names are Jeff and Betsy Woytovich. When their daughter Maddie was 5 years old she developed Alopecia. Alopecia is an autoimmune that causes you to lose your hair. Maddie’s parents could not find a support group for children who lost their hair because of Alopecia. They started the Children’s Alopecia Project (CAP). It brings together children who have Alopecia and their families. The goals of CAP are to raise awareness about Alopecia, to provide support to families living with Alopecia, and to build self esteem. CAP has events all over the country and they provide information to families, schools, and communities about Alopecia. Mr. Jeff, Miss Betsy, and Maddie are my heroes because I got Alopecia when I was four years old. My doctor told us about CAP and we started going to their events. I met many friends that have Alopecia and we still spend time together. Because of CAP, I found out that many other children have Alopecia and that it is okay. Maddie is a strong girl and a good role model. She doesn’t let not having hair affect her life. She likes to spend time with the younger children, making them feel special. One summer I even went to CAP Camp in the Poconos. We went to a campground and stayed for a long weekend. Many CAP families from all over the world came! I got to sleep in a cabin with some of my best friends and we had lots of fun. We painted, met an Olympic gold medalist (Staciana Stitts), had bonfires, went swimming, played games, and met lots of new friends. Without CAP, I would not have known many other people who have or had Alopecia.”]

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