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Yes, People with Purpose are Broken Records

Yes, People with Purpose are Broken Records

People you see as broken records will continue to promote their passions and purpose on earth because sometimes people hear it and react but mostly, they don’t. It’s at these times when people with purpose say it again because to them, to me, there must be a reason for all those crickets chirping in the background!

I personally make no apologies for my passions and my purpose. I shout it out because I believe in it and want others to do the same. Why? Because, it’s what I do!!

So, the next time you see a post, look at it. Watch it. Understand it and then make the decision if you want more or no more!

Ignoring a broken record does not make it stop playing. Lighten up and enjoy it and become involved and if you can’t, send it forward to others who may! If you want nothing to do with it, let me or them know. I only want people to drink the Kool-Aid if it’s their choice, I just play the records…..


Jeff Woytovich, Founder, President & CEO

Children’s Alopecia Project, Inc – 906 Penn Avenue – Wyomissing, PA 19610


When is it enough?

When is it enough?

When is it enough? Kind if a loaded question since it is so vague but I think the photo can explain better what my words do not. Look at the graphics, really look at them and answer these questions.

Does just one event matter?
Does it really make a difference?
Is it worth the effort?

Jeff Woytovich, Founder

What to do?

What to do?

The number one question I get that is negative has to do about hats and wigs. Many people think I am against them, I am not. What I am against is using them as a security blanket or a crutch without trying to build self-esteem. CAP is about building self-esteem and if a child lacks in the basics of self-esteem without a cover, they still have a low self-esteem with cover. At times I have debated this and I give these two simple examples. If another child would steal the hat or wig off your child’s head what would their reaction be? Would your child chase after the bully to get it back and cover up or would they put there hands over their head and slink away in embarrassment? How about the wind blowing it off their head? Would they scramble to recover it or would they just walk over, not in a tizzy and simply pick it up, dust it off and put it back on their head? When the bully is running away with the wig or hat wouldn’t you want them to stand, stare and say in amazement, “I need my wig back when you are done having your fun or I am telling the teacher.”

Hats, wigs, bandannas and anything else used as an accessory is great for a kid or adult with alopecia. I just would like to help build their self-esteem so they never feel as if they need to cover up. By covering it up you are enabling your child to ignore what is going on and setting them up to feel bad when the wind blows or the bully in the class gets sticky fingers.

If you feel your child would not handle these situations well or you feel like you have been pushing the hats or wigs you are not alone. When my daughter first started to lose her hair we got her wigs, hats and bandannas on a normal basis. We turned her into a hat junkie and me and Betsy were the pushers! This lasted until one day where wearing a hat would not work because of a costume she had to wear in a play, she said, “I never wanted to wear these stupid hats!” Right there we knew we were wrong, we never asked her if she wanted the hats or cared about her self-esteem, only that she had the items to cover up so not to be stared at or even made fun of.

We all want to protect our children so please know that I understand where you are coming from, I was there once. I just want you to know that CAP is here to help.

If you need help or direction let me know, we will do whatever we can to help!

Jeff Woytovich, Founder
Children’s Alopecia Project