Year: 2008

CAP PA Christmas Party

CAP PA Christmas Party

Santa made a visit!

Entertainment did
a great job of entertaining!

Thank you to the Dunn Community Center, Good Friends Catering and Cherry-Herring Entertainment for the skit, games and music.

And a big thank you to the big man in red, Santa Claus and his transportation for the day, Brian Kobularcik.

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Children’s Alopecia Project
Build Self-Esteem, Raise Awareness, Providing Support

This Friday, December 19th from 11am to 2pm go to Discovery Federal Credit Union at 2744 Century Blvd, Wyomissing. (Across the street from Target) and buy your Gift Cards for The Bell Tower Salon, Medispa and Store!

Here’s why you should do this.

Not only do you get a gift card for that special friend or loved one but you will also get a free hair cut card and 10% of all sales will go to the Children’s Alopecia Project.

It’s a win, win, win, win, win situation.

One present you can take off the list, you get to check out a great Credit Union, You know the Bell Tower is a great place, You get a free hair cut for buying a present for someone and CAP get’s 10%

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and have a great New Year!

Jeffery Woytovich, Founding President
Children’s Alopecia Project

“The people who make a difference in your life are not the ones with the most credentials, the most money, or the most awards. They are the ones that care.”
Call me with any questions


Upcoming Events
Dec. 19
11am to 2:00pm
Bell Tower Gift Card Event at DiscoveryFCU Be part of it!

Mar. 28
7:00pm to 11pm
Spring Spectacular Silent Auction Gala


CAP is always helping kids in need living with all forms of hairloss due to alopecia. We are looking for sponsors and silent auction items. Let us know if you can help usAlopeciapalooza is coming in August 2009!!

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Quote of the Day
“It’s Not my CAP, it’s our CAP and we all wear it”
– Jeff Woytovich

Employee of the Month

Betsy Woytovich, Executive Director

She wins every month because she is the only employee of CAP. She works with families from around the world while and organizing all the programs and events and is only part time employee!

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2008 Sweet Street Sale is in the books!

2008 Sweet Street Sale is in the books!

We had a lot of great volunteers that made this past weekends Sweet Street Dessert Truck sale another success.

We sold $8000 of product and will end up with a $2500 to $3500 profit!! Sure it was in rain, wind and then cold.

For a good cause how can you say no?

The money we raised here will be put to good use in our CAP Kid Library Program as well as the CAP Kid Meetings!

Thanks everyone for our 4th successful sale!

Jeff Woytovich

Here is a photo from the new CAP Kid Meeting that took place in NY. The kids were excited and the parents were hungry to find that “normal” feeling.

The one thing that has been true since the very first CAP Kid Meeting, you feel comfortable when you are around others that are like you. When you have a child living with any amount of hair loss the best thing to do is meet and talk with other kids and parents going through the same thing.

This is the reason why we have started CAP Kid Meetings not just in Pennsylvania but also New York and Missouri and we plan to start up to 10 more in 2009 alone. Are you interested in starting one near you? We will help you along the way!
NuGo and CAP

NuGo and CAP

Have you ever had help from behind the scenes? Do you believe in Santa, Toothfairy and the Easter Bunny.

We do, we believe in NuGo Nutrition and their help behind the scenes with the Children’s Alopecia Project.

Visit them at

Children’s Alopecia Project

Children’s Alopecia Project

It has been a while since I added to this blog. We have been very busy and my efforts have been in different directions. We have CAP Kid Meetings in New York, Pennsylvania, Missouri/Illinois and we will be starting up to 10 more in 2009. We raised over $40,000 for the second year in a row at the Spring Spectacular and have a database of close to 400 kids from around the world.

Take care everyone and hang in there until the next blog entry.